Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual 1.0

Learn the finer points of this classic auto racing game as you go through the manual

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Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual is a free tool that you can download to view the total manual for your game. Though it doesn't offer anything that you can't find online, it puts all the information that you need in one convenient spot.

Depending on your age, you might remember the days when every video game and computer game sold came with a paper manual. You could use that manual to pick up tips on playing the game and to find out more about it. Some manual even had back stories about some of the characters and contained information that you wouldn't find in the game. Most developers today provide you with just the game and no type of manual.

Anyone who owns a copy of Grand Theft Auto V would really benefit from this manual. Though you can find similar copies online for free, this manual offers full-color photos of the vehicles found in the game and shows you some of the scenes and settings that you can play too. You can even see some of the custom options available to players within the game.

The first time that you load this app, it will ask that you select your language. Unlike other digital manuals that only support English, this manual lets you pick from three different languages. One reason many will like this app is that it also lets them choose how they play the game. In addition to offering support for the PC version of the game, this manual provides information on other versions of the game that the developers created for video game consoles.

Though some players may think that they don't need a manual, this one has loads of information that relates to the game's maps. You can view a roadmap that shows you every single road that you can access and race on within the game. It also has a satellite view for those who want to work out their paths ahead of time. With the atlas option, you can view how those roads connect to each other.

The makers of this manual did a good job of building a drop-down menu that lets you access the section you want to view. It will then instantly load the information available in that section. Depending on the version of the game that you buy, you may already have a paper manual. You can also find copies online that provide all the same information. If you want a digital version that you can view on your computer and works with all versions of the game though, you'll want to download Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual.


  • Tells you exactly how to play the game
  • Gives you access to maps without requiring that you load the game
  • Available in several different languages
  • Offers some install tips and help


  • This is just the manual
  • You can find copies of the manual online

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